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"The threshold is low and it is easy to obtain a certificate; the amount of money is high, and the annual salary can be 300,000 yuan; the certificate can enjoy high subsidies from the state." The advantages of the profession of the health manager have been described as "huge flowers", exuding irresistible charm, and attracting countless people.


As stated in the propaganda, health managers are indeed a sunrise industry in our country. Teacher Xiangdong of Hubei Kangte Vocational Training School, who has been engaged in the education and training industry for more than ten years, told Ran Caijing that there are currently about 100,000 people engaged in health management in the country, and only two out of ten thousand people enjoy health management services. This data It reaches 70% in European and American countries. There are only very few institutions in China that are truly engaged in health management, and most of them are hospital service departments.


In addition, among the population of more than 1.4 billion people in my country, chronic diseases, aging populations, and sub-health groups are gradually increasing. With the increase of people’s health awareness and the gradual improvement of my country’s medical system, health management is getting more and more attention. . In September 2017, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security released the National Vocational Qualification Catalogue, among which health managers are listed. Since then, the profession of health managers has become the “sweet and delicious” in the eyes of many people.

此外,在我国超过14亿的人口中,慢性病,人口老龄化和亚健康人群正在逐渐增加。随着人们健康意识的增强和我国医疗体系的逐步完善,健康管理越来越受到重视。 。 2017年9月,人力资源和社会保障部发布了《国家职业资格目录》,其中列出了卫生经理。从那时起,卫生管理人员的职业已成为许多人眼中的“香甜可口”。

The rising industry, talent gap, and subsidies have made this profession highly sought after and attracted a large number of practitioners to participate in it. According to data from the professional version of Tianyancha, there are currently more than 61,000 related companies that include "education" or "training" and also include "health management". From 2015 to 2019, the annual registration growth rate of related companies exceeded 40%. In 2019, there were more than 17,000 new related companies nationwide, reaching a record high. In terms of the distribution of registered capital, more than 52% of enterprises have registered capital below 2 million.

不断上升的行业,人才缺口和补贴使该行业倍受追捧,并吸引了众多从业人员参加。根据专业版“天眼茶”的数据,目前有超过61,000家相关公司包括“教育”或“培训”,还包括“健康管理”。从2015年到2019年,关联公司的年注册增长率超过40%。 2019年,全国有超过17,000家新的关联公司,创历史新高。在注册资本分配方面,超过52%的企业注册资本在200万以下。

Among them, training institutions have attracted the attention of many consumers who are looking forward to joining the profession of health manager through a quick way. In social networks, the publicity of these training institutions is everywhere. In these propaganda, the description of this profession is basically the same: Individuals who have no qualifications for registration and insufficient academic qualifications can also arrange for registration; the institution is an official registration center and has passed real-name certification; as long as the health manager qualification certificate is obtained, you can earn dozens of years. If you return to your work unit, you can get a promotion and a salary increase and get a high subsidy from the state.


How are these seemingly reliable and omnipotent training institutions actually? As a matter of fact, the current health management profession industry is in the early stages of development, leading to a mix of good and bad in this industry. There are many “traps” hidden behind these training institutions.


Some organizations seize the market with "low prices, low thresholds, and low requirements"; in order to attract students, they do not hesitate to forge academic credentials and work certificates; charge high training fees and charge multiple times after the fee; refunds are difficult, and even threaten students; training institutions Problems such as the serious shortage of teachers are emerging.


"Difficult refunds, false publicity, arbitrary charges, non-invoicing..." Recently, Ran Caijing received multiple complaints from consumers. A company claiming to be the only training institution designated by the Health Commission to have the qualifications for running a school for health managers in 2020, Beijing Jian Wei Online Education Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jian Wei Education") is suspected of fraud. To


Shen Shuran was one of the victims. In May 2020, Shen Shuran learned about the registration of health management division on the Internet. An enrollment teacher surnamed Zheng from Jianwei Education first contacted her by phone and then added WeChat.

沉树然是受害者之一。 2020年5月,沉树然在互联网上了解了健康管理部门的注册信息。建威教育的一名姓郑的招生老师首先通过电话与她联系,然后添加了微信。

Shen Shuran questioned the qualifications of this institution, but the teacher surnamed Zheng has repeatedly emphasized that Jianwei Education has been recognized by the Beijing 12315 platform and is the only training institution designated by the Health Commission to have the qualifications of running a school for this year's health manager. Teacher Zheng also said that after enrolling in the health manager course at his institution, he can apply for this year's unified health manager exam and promised to refund the fee if the exam fails.


Shen Shuran, who has a certain amount of work experience, had a certain understanding of the conditions for applying for a health manager before applying. According to the conditions for applying for a health manager, a person like Shen Shuran who has a non-medical background needs to work in his or her related profession for more than 2 years, and have been trained by a third-level health manager to reach the required standard hours and obtain a certificate of completion. Apply for the exam.


However, the teacher surnamed Zheng clearly told Shen Shuran that Jianwei Education is a qualified formal training institution that has been authorized by the Health Commission. As long as the online classes they provide are completed after enrollment, Jianwei Education will issue relevant certificates of completion for them. Apply for the exam. During the consultation process, Mr. Zheng continued to emphasize that Shen Shuran is recommended to prepay 500 yuan to preempt the seat fee for this year’s exam to prevent failure to register, and he promised that this fee will also be included in the subsequent tuition fees for enrollment.


Shen Shuran investigated the industrial and commercial information of Jianwei Education through Tianyan Check, the National Enterprise Information Disclosure Platform and other websites and found that the industrial and commercial information was normal. After Mr. Zheng sent multiple certificates with qualifications authorized by the Health Commission and other relevant departments through WeChat, On May 18 and 25, they transferred 500 yuan and 2,380 yuan to the bank account of the institution, and signed an electronic contract agreement with Jianwei Education.


After the online course was over, Jianwei Education informed Shen Shuran that he needed to go to Guangzhou Baiyun District Food and Drug Vocational College to confirm the application materials. When confirming the application materials, Shen Shuran was informed by the on-site staff that Jianwei Education had not filed on the website of the Health Commission and did not have the qualifications to run a school. Therefore, it was not possible to issue a certificate of completion and to apply for this year's health management professional exam. At that time, Shen Shuran realized that he had been cheated.


However, what surprised Shen Shuran even more was that when she immediately contacted the institution’s admissions teacher, head teacher, and institution’s customer service hotline, the tripartite staff not only refused to provide a solution, they even threatened to intimidate her with extremely arrogant words such as not afraid of complaints.


Shen Shuran said that after his repeated dealings, Jianwei Education refunded him a total of 1,798 yuan after deducting 30% of the service fee, 120 yuan of textbook fees and other class fees. At the same time, Shen Shuran also revealed to Ran Caijing that Jianwei Education does not have a standard solution, but refunds based on the strength of the students' complaints. Basically, the minimum deduction is 30%, and the maximum can be as high as 80%. If the student does not accept their refund method, Jianwei Education will unilaterally terminate the agreement.


Consumer Xue Ziyi was also "calculated" by this institution.


Xue Ziyi, who is still in college, consulted Jianwei Education about the qualification examination for health management professionals in June this year.


Xue Ziyi told Ran Caijing that because he was still a university student, he did not meet the application requirements, but when communicating with the staff, the other party promised her that "I can apply for the exam this year, and there will be no further fees."


Despite his doubts, when Mr. Yueyue of Jianwei Education repeatedly stated that he was a state-appointed health manager training institution and showed a number of relevant qualifications, Xue Ziyi finally believed in the commitment of the training institution. The organization purchased a training course of 2,380 yuan, and at the same time paid a 500 yuan test "occupying machine fee."


What surprised Xue Ziyi was that when the registration approached, she received a notice from Jianwei Education that she did not meet the registration requirements, and was even asked, "Did she not properly review her own application requirements". When Xue Ziyi questioned the organization, the counterpart of the organization told Xue Ziyi that he would definitely not be able to register this year. If he applies for the exam next year, he will need to pay another 600-1,000 yuan for the application.


In fact, it is not only Shen Shuran and Xue Ziyi, more and more victims are emerging. In the "Tencent News" topic about #健康管理师培训网络 winter scam, a number of topic participants expressed that they were caught in the health manager training scam of Jianwei Education, claiming that Jianwei Education "falsified qualifications", "false propaganda" and " "Multiple charges", "difficult to refund fees", and "threatening students".


When searching for "Beijing Jianwei Online Education Technology Co., Ltd." on Zhihu, "false propaganda", "scam companies", "revealing the tricks of Jianwei Online Education Technology Co., Ltd.", "Beijing Jianwei Education Black Heart Institution!" Wait for dozens of posts to come into view.


Under the article "Jianwei Education deceives trainees and cannot issue training completion certificates", the user who knows the ID of lhlh1012 said that he applied for the third-level health manager through Beijing Jianwei Online Education Co., Ltd. in June 2020, and paid first The so-called "occupancy fee" of 500 yuan, and found out whether he was eligible for the exam, confirmed that he was eligible for the exam and occupied the seat, and paid another 2480 yuan. After that, Jianwei Education not only failed to notify the user of the examination time in time, but even stated that the institution could not provide the training certificate and needed to apply again in April next year. Can you be asked if you can provide a certificate of completion in April next year? Jianwei Education did not answer directly, but said "no, no."

知道lhlh1012 ID的用户在“建伟教育欺骗学员,不能颁发培训结业证书”的文章中说,他于2020年6月通过北京建伟在线教育有限公司申请了三级健康经理,并且首先支付500元的所谓“占用费”,查明他是否有资格参加考试,确认自己有资格参加考试并占据了席位,并另外支付了2480元。此后,建威教育不仅没有及时将考试时间通知用户,甚至表示该机构无法提供培训证书,需要在明年四月再次申请。是否可以问您能否在明年四月提供结业证书?建威教育没有直接回答,而是说“不,不”。

Under another post titled "Beijing Jianwei Online Education Technology Co., Ltd. False Propaganda, Hidden Fees", more than ten victims shared details of their deception. The content involved Jianwei Education’s "high fees", "Secondary charges", "fraud students" and so on.


The same situation also appears on platforms such as Weibo and Baidu Tieba. Searching for "Beijing Jianwei Online Education" on Weibo, Weibo user 7248130468 wrote, "At present, there are more than 50 victims I know, everyone from the world. They are all deceived by this organization." Baidu Post Bar about "Announce Health The posts of the manager "Beijing Jianwei Online Education" are endless.


According to the data from Tianyan Check, Jianwei Education was established on December 8, 2017, with a registered capital of 5 million yuan, and the legal representative is Miao Guofeng. Since its establishment, the company has made two changes to the record. On November 21, 2018, it was changed from Beijing A&D Catering Co., Ltd. to Beijing Hongde Lizhi Education Technology Co., Ltd.; on March 31, 2020, it was renamed now Beijing Jianwei Online Education Technology Co., Ltd.

根据天彦检查的数据,建威教育成立于2017年12月8日,注册资金500万元,法定代表人苗国峰。自成立以来,该公司对记录进行了两项更改。 2018年11月21日,由北京爱德餐饮有限公司变更为北京宏德立志教育技术有限公司; 2020年3月31日,现更名为北京建威在线教育技术有限公司。

It is worth noting that the Tianyan Check data shows that Jianwei Education has been included in the list of business abnormalities by the Beijing Haidian District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau on August 13, 2020. The reason is that the registered residence or business place cannot be contacted. This is the second time that the company has been included in the list of abnormal business operations. The last time was on July 10, 2018. Because it failed to publish the annual report within the time limit specified in Article 8 of the Interim Regulations on Enterprise Information Disclosure, it was approved by Beijing Municipal Industry and Commerce The Haidian Branch of the Administrative Bureau was included in the list of abnormal operations.


On the official website of Jianwei Education, Ran Caijing found that it stated that the company's current main occupational certificate is a three-level health manager program, is a designated training institution for the three-level health manager exam in China, and claims to be a Chinese three-dimensional talent A leader in the new model.


When Ran Caijing tried to consult Jianwei Education as a candidate for the exam, no human customer service could be found on its official website or official WeChat account. After dialing the phone displayed on its official website, it indicated that it was shut down. The course purchase link on its official website cannot be opened either. After clicking it, it pops up "This feature is being improved, so stay tuned."


Shen Shuran told Ran Caijing that he did not actively choose to apply for the exam at Jianwei Education, but the sales of Jianwei Education added his own WeChat through his mobile phone number, and then began a long "flick". My tuition is not purchased through the course link displayed on its official website or official WeChat account, but is transferred to the public account through Jianwei Education provided by Mr. Zheng.


Up to now, the circle of friends named Ms. Zhu, the head teacher of Jianwei Education who used to connect with Shen Shuran, is still promoting Jianwei Education courses.


Of course, it is far more than Jianwei Education that is suspected of fraud through the post of health manager.


In the "Tencent News" topic on "Health Manager Training Network Scam", many other topic participants mentioned that "Fuzhou Xinxinghua Educational Institution", "Fuzhou Huazhi Educational Institution" and other educational institutions were suspected "Difficulty in refunding fees", "Failed to register after charging", "Institutions go to empty buildings", etc.


In fact, not only training institutions that have been complained by consumers before have been suspected of defrauding consumers. With the hotness of the profession of health manager, more and more training institutions are focusing on this piece of "fat". Enter "health manager", "health manager registration", "conditions for health manager registration" in the search engine······Everything about the application, policies, and procedures of health managers, click these to be listed in the front of the search results The links are all advertisements from health manager training institutions.


Ran Caijing tried to consult one of the institutions called "Xuehui.com". Under "Introduction to Health Managers and Analysis of Employment Prospects" on its homepage, there are three categories of employment directions for health managers, what are health managers, and the career prospects of health managers. Big problem. But no matter which question you click on, the page that pops up is the same, that is, customer service.

冉才静曾试图咨询一家名为“ Xuehui.com”的机构。在其主页上的“健康管理人员简介和就业前景分析”下,有三类健康管理人员的就业方向,什么是健康管理人员以及健康管理人员的职业前景。大问题。但是,无论您单击哪个问题,弹出的页面都是一样的,即客户服务。

After a brief communication with online customer service, when Ran Caijing asked about basic questions such as application conditions, the other party's response was to leave the call, and the SMS notification would prevail.


This kind of direct request for a phone call also appeared in the communication with another organization called "Mingtao Education". The other party also used "the system will forward relevant application materials for you in the form of SMS" as the reason.


The official website of "Mingtao Education" has shown the prospect of a health manager with "national recognition, high demand, and state subsidies". In addition, it is clearly stated that health managers do not accept individual registration and need to find a qualified training institution to register.


In further communication with another customer service called "Tong Xuehui Education", Ran Caijing asked, "When I have only a technical secondary school degree and no relevant working experience, can I take the exam", the other party said, "The conditions are not enough, we can help you register of".


When Ran Caijing questioned what organization they are, why the name of the organization is not displayed on the homepage, and whether they have qualifications, the other party said, "We are a health manager training and examination center, and it is a real-name certification. You can rest assured", In the subsequent communication, the other party frequently asked Ran Caijing for phone calls, and when the chat page was closed, the prompt "request dialogue again" even popped up in the lower right corner of the agency's homepage.


In terms of fees, these training institutions generally charge 2500-7000 yuan for the training of health managers. In addition, after paying the training fees, these training institutions often require trainees to make up different titles for various reasons. Expenses, such as "occupancy fee", "assisted registration fee", "teaching assistant fee", "service fee", etc.


Take Jianwei Education as an example. On the official website of Jianwei Education, there are three types of recommended classes, "Worry-free Customs Clearance Class", "Basic Elaborate Class" and "VIP Guaranteed Class". The charges are 4480 yuan and 2980 yuan respectively. And 6,480 yuan. In addition, there are four kinds of course packages, namely the "experience class" with a fee of 0 yuan, the "deposit class" with a fee of 500 yuan, the "precision lecture" with a fee of 1,980 yuan, and the "editor's small kitchen class" with a fee of 2,980 yuan. ".

以建威教育为例。在建威教育的官方网站上,推荐了三种类型的课程:“无忧海关通关课程”,“基本精通课程”和“ VIP保证课程”。收费分别为4480元和2980元。而6480元。另外,课程套餐有四种,分别是“体验课”收费0元,“存款课”收费500元,“精讲课”收费1980元, “编辑的小厨房课”,收费2980元。 ”。

Many trainees told Ran Caijing that most of them chose the 2380 yuan course recommended by the admissions teacher. However, in addition to paying 2380 yuan, Jianwei Education will also charge other fees for various reasons. According to one of the trainees, Lin Yee, after paying 2,380 yuan for the course fee and 500 yuan for the "occupancy fee", she did not meet the application requirements and needed to apply for supplementary registration. She requested a supplementary registration of 1,500 yuan "Fee", "If I don't pay this fee, I need to sign up by myself."


In fact, on July 22, 2020, the health management professional examination fee standard published by China Health Talent Network shows that the talent center is in accordance with the "National Health and Family Planning Commission Talent Exchange Service Center on the third examination fee of the health professional and technical qualification examination" The "Notice of Standards" (Wei Talent [2016] No. 66) stipulates that the examination service fee of 19 yuan/person shall be charged to the provincial appraisal and guidance centers. The provincial centers collect examination fees from students in accordance with the examination fee standards approved by the local Development and Reform Commission and the financial department. Depending on the economic level of each province, the examination fee ranges from 200-500 yuan per person. There are no registration fees, certificate fees and other fees for the health manager examination.

实际上,在2020年7月22日,中国卫生人才网发布的健康管理专业考试费用标准显示,该人才中心是按照“国家卫生计生委人才交流服务中心第三次考试费用”进行的。卫生专业技术资格考试》《标准公告》(卫人才字[2016] 66号)规定,由省级鉴定指导中心收取考试服务费19元/人。省级中心按照当地发改委和财政部门核定的考试费标准向学生收取考试费。根据每个省的经济水平,考试费用为每人200-500元人民币。健康管理人员检查不收取注册费,证书费和其他费用。

After paying the relevant fees, it is very difficult to refund the fees. “The refund plan given by Jianwei Education is 20%, which makes me unacceptable.” Lin can also tell Ran Caijing, even if she has the least loss , It also lost more than 3,000 yuan. "Some students paid more than 10,000 various fees before and after, but they only indicated that they could refund up to 20%."

支付相关费用后,很难退还这些费用。 “建威教育给出的退款计划是20%,这让我无法接受。”林还可以告诉冉才静,即使她损失最少,也损失了3000多元。 “一些学生在此之前和之后支付了10,000多笔各种费用,但他们只表示可以退还最多20%的费用。”

"The routines of these training institutions are actually very simple: brainwashing students with advertisements; training institutions induce users to fill in mobile phone numbers; contact users privately through mobile phone numbers to induce consumption; students find that they have been cheated." #健康管理师 in "Tencent News" In the topic of training network scams#, the network scams of health managers are sorted out.

“这些培训机构的程序实际上非常简单:用广告给学生洗脑;培训机构诱使用户填写手机号码;通过手机号码私下与用户联系以诱使消费;学生发现自己被骗了。” “腾讯新闻”中的#健康管理师在培训网络诈骗主题中,对卫生经理的网络诈骗进行了整理。

What kind of conditions can I apply for a health manager? Do you really need a training institution? How high is the gold content of this certificate?


In fact, the government has clear regulations regarding this question. On July 22, 2020, China Health Talent Net stated that “Is there a designated or authorized training institution for health managers?” It was clearly stated that there are no designated teaching materials for the examination of health managers, and the National Health Commission Talent Exchange Service Center is responsible for occupations in the health industry. The national unified examination of skills appraisal is organized and implemented, and no social organization is carried out or commissioned to carry out any form of vocational skills training.

实际上,政府对此问题有明确的规定。 2020年7月22日,中国卫生人才网指出:“是否有指定或授权的卫生管理人员培训机构?”明确指出,没有指定的健康管理人员考试教材,国家卫生委员会人才交流服务中心负责健康行业的职业。组织和实施全国技能鉴定统一考试,没有组织或委托社会组织进行任何形式的职业技能培训。

"The official registration requirements are very clear." Xiangdong told Ran Caijing that in 2020, the health management professional exam will only open for level three, and one of the following conditions should be met for the third level of health management professional: First, have a college degree or above in medicine and health. Certificate; two is a non-medical and health professional college degree or above, has been engaged in this occupation or related occupation for more than 2 years, has been trained by a health manager to reach the required standard credit hours, and has obtained a certificate of completion; third is a medical and health professional Secondary college degree or above certificate, continuous work in this occupation or related occupations for more than 3 years, three-level formal training of a health manager to reach the required standard credit hours, and obtain a certificate of completion.


It is clearly shown on the China Health Talents Network that candidates who meet the requirements of the national vocational standards for various occupations can register for the examination through the provincial vocational skills appraisal and guidance centers (hereinafter referred to as "provincial centers"). Candidates of the same profession can only participate in one batch of one round of examinations this year. Each provincial center verifies the qualifications of candidates, and all candidates who meet the requirements are reported to the Talent Exchange Service Center of the National Health Commission through the examination management system. To


Xiangdong told Fuel Finance and Economics that fresh graduates with a college degree or above in medical and health related majors or those who have already graduated, as long as they meet the registration requirements, can register directly through the personal registration channel, and do not need to go through an institution. "These are the truths that almost all institutions in the market don't want you to know, and they are also where their profits are."

向东告诉《财经财经》,只要符合注册要求,就可以通过个人注册渠道直接注册,不需要医疗卫生专业的应届毕业生,或者已经毕业的毕业生。通过一个机构。 “这些是市场上几乎所有机构都不希望您知道的事实,它们也是他们获利的地方。”

Xiang Dong emphasized that when searching for the application channel, it is necessary to note that the health manager is not applying for the China Health Talent Network, but the official website of the provincial appraisal guidance center in each province.


It is worth noting that the gold content of health managers has been greatly reduced. According to the latest regulations, health managers have been transferred out of the national professional qualification catalog. At the end of 2019, the executive meeting of the State Council deployed to implement the "Regulations on Optimizing the Business Environment" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") as an opportunity to emphasize that the number of national vocational qualifications will be reduced by more than half by the end of 2020, and the qualifications of skilled personnel will be evaluated. All call out the national professional qualification catalog, which includes health managers.

值得注意的是,健康管理人员的含金量已大大降低。根据最新规定,卫生经理已被调离国家职业资格目录。 2019年底,国务院常务会议部署实施《优化经营环境条例》(以下bet356英国在线体育投注简称《条例》),以此为契机,强调要减少国家职业资格的数量到2020年底,一半以上的人才将得到评估。所有人都喊出了国家职业资格目录,其中包括bet356英国在线体育投注卫生经理。

In August of this year, the official website of China Health Talent Network has also made it clear that health managers belong to the non-admission certificate of the skill category, and the certificate only proves that they have reached the corresponding knowledge and skill level for the occupation. In other words, the qualifications of health management professionals are not entry-level professional qualifications, and there are no national laws and regulations that require them to hold a certificate before they can work. To


In Xiang Dong's view, there is a fundamental difference between being able to take an exam and being competent for this job. "Passing this certificate can only show that you understand a little bit about the job of a health manager, just like for most people, getting a driver's license in a driving school does not mean that you can drive on the road. Human life." Xiang Dong said that health managers themselves involve many aspects of medical and health knowledge, and the content of the health manager certificate learning is very simple, and this knowledge alone is simply not qualified for this profession.

向东认为,考试和胜任这项工作有根本的区别。 “通过该证书只能表明您对健康经理的工作有所了解,就像大多数人一样,在驾驶学校获得驾驶执照并不意味着您可以在路上行驶。向东说,健康管理者本身涉及医学和健康知识的许多方面,健康管理者证书学习的内容非常简单,仅此知识就根本不适合该专业。

According to the "National Professional Standards for Health Managers", health managers should master the basic concepts of health, and understand basic knowledge of clinical medicine, preventive medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, rehabilitation medicine, health informatics, and health insurance, and be familiar with common chronic diseases and epidemics. Diseases and statistics, as well as ethics related to health management. "These professional knowledge and professional skills cannot meet the job requirements through simple training."

根据《国家健康管理人员专业标准》,健康管理人员应掌握健康的基本概念,并了解临床医学,预防医学,中药,康复医学,健康信息学和健康保险的基本知识,并应熟悉常见的慢性病和流行病。疾病和统计数据,以及与健康管理相关的伦理。 “这些专业知识和专业技能不能通过简单的培训来满足工作要求。”

In addition, in fact, you can receive national subsidies if you take the qualification certificate of health manager, but these subsidies are not for the certificate of health manager. In addition to this certificate, there are more than 100 professional qualification certificates that can be obtained, such as Electricians and welders can all enjoy policy subsidies and exemptions.


In the "Notice of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the Ministry of Finance on Issues Concerning Unemployment Insurance Support for Insured Workers to Improve their Professional Skills", it is clearly stipulated that receiving subsidies must meet the requirements of the enterprise and participate in unemployment insurance according to law. The national-level regulations are at least 36 months, and municipal cities have different requirements.


"These institutions just seized the high salaries, subsidies and other gimmicks for publicity, and there are many suspicions out of context." Xiangdong also told Ran Caijing that an annual salary of 300,000 yuan is not something that every health manager can easily get. "Requires accumulation of experience."

“这些机构只是抓住了高薪,补贴和其他头来进行宣传,而且有很多怀疑是出于上下文。”湘东还告诉冉才静,年薪30万元并不是每个卫生经理都能轻易获得的。 “需要经验的积累。”

Related departments have paid attention to a series of problems caused by the current "health manager fever" in the market. On August 24, 2020, China Health Talent Network published the article "A Rational Look at the "Health Manager Fever". Guo Qing, the chairman-designate of the Health Management Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, said that it is necessary to cool the "health manager fever". Avoid exaggerating facts and excessive publicity, and clearly point out that health management, as a wide-ranging interdisciplinary subject, is currently limited by the knowledge reserves and professional expertise of teachers, and some training institutions obviously cannot meet the actual work needs of students, and even appear false Propaganda and other suspected illegal acts.

有关部门已经关注了当前市场上“健康经理热”引起的一系列问题。 2020年8月24日,中国卫生人才网发表文章“理性审视“卫生经理热”。中华医学会卫生管理分会会长郭青表示,有必要降温避免夸大事实和过度宣传,并明确指出,作为一个广泛的跨学科学科,健康管理目前受到教师的知识储备和专业知识的限制,一些培训机构显然无法满足学生的实际工作需要,甚至出现虚假宣传等涉嫌违法行为。

Xiang Dong emphasized that if you go to Baidu to search for "health managers", the official website of China Health Talents website is ranked first, but before August this year, the results were not displayed like this, and more based on Baidu's bid ranking Show the training institution. The reason for this adjustment is more because of the recent negative impact caused by health managers. Whether it is Baidu or the official, it has intervened and adjusted.


Not only has the search engine been improved, the official website of China Talent Health website has been opened, and relevant information about the registration channels, registration methods and professional standards of health managers has also been placed in a more conspicuous position.


In Xiangdong's view, although these adjustments were made after the registration, it means that the current health manager training problems in the market have attracted the attention of relevant departments.


*The title picture comes from Visual China. At the request of the interviewer, Xiangdong, Shen Shuran, Xue Ziyi, and Lin can all be aliases.

*标题图片来自Visual China。应访问员的要求,向东,沉树然,薛子怡和林都可以作为别名。

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