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Recently, in the latest Asian 200-meter trapeze rankings, we can see that Japanese players are constantly rushing forward. The top three are completely dominated by Japanese athletes, which can be described as big competitors on the field! As the king of China’s 200m, Xie Zhenye only ranked seventh in this ranking. I believe Xie Zhenye is also quite dissatisfied with this result. I hope he can run better in the future. Fight for honor for China yourself!


Topping the list this time is the Japanese star Shota IIZUKA. Born in 1991, he can achieve such a good result and his strength is not to be underestimated. It seems that he will definitely become a strong opponent on the court in the future! The second and third places are KeigoYASUDA and Koki KASATANI. They are also from Japan in this ranking. They can be said to have a sigh of relief for Japan. This also reminds Chinese athletes to step up their training. In the face of a strong enemy, I believe that Chinese athletes will not shrink back. I hope that in the next ranking, Chinese athletes will be able to overpower Japanese athletes to regain the top spot!

这次荣登榜首的是日本明星Shota IIZUKA。他生于1991年,可以取得如此出色的成绩,其实力不可低估。看来他将来一定会成为球场上的强大对手!第二和第三名是安田圭吾和KASATANI。他们也来自日本。可以说他们为日本松了一口气。这也提醒中国运动员加强训练。面对强大的敌人,我相信中国运动员不会退缩。我希望在下一个排名中,中国运动员能够击败日本运动员,重新夺回冠军!

Born in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province in 1993, he entered the sports school in 2006 and started training. In 2010, he qualified for the Youth Olympic final as the first in the preliminaries. It was a blockbuster. Since then, Xie Zhenye's name has finally been engraved in the heart of every track and field fan! In 2017, he won the men's 100m and 200m championships in the Tianjin National Games. In 2018, he ran a time of 9.97 seconds in the 100-meter race. In 2019, Xie Zhenye won the 200-meter championship with a time of 19.88 seconds, breaking his own national record of 20.16 seconds and Qatar naturalized athlete Ogunod Maintained an Asian record of 19.97 seconds and became the first yellow man to break the 20-second mark. In the 2019 Doha World Championships in Athletics, Xie Zhenye broke into the men's 200m final with a time of 20.03, creating Chinese sprint history and becoming the first Chinese athlete to enter the final of the World Championships. All this glory comes from his struggling step by step. If he stands at the top, he will be questioned. He has worked harder than others on the way forward. He was born ordinary, but he can still run out of a different style. !

他1993年生于浙江省绍兴市,2006年进入体育学校并开始训练。 2010年,他获得了青年奥林匹克决赛的预赛第一名。这是一个大片。从此,谢振业的名字终于刻在每个田径迷的心中! 2017年,他在天津全运会上分别获得了男子100m和200m冠军。在2018年,他在100米比赛中跑了9.97秒的时间。 2019年,谢振业以19.88秒的时间赢得了200米冠军,打破了自己国家纪录的20.16秒,卡塔尔入籍运动员奥古诺德保持了亚洲纪录的19.97秒,成为第一个打破20秒的黄人标记。在2019年多哈田径世锦赛上,谢振业以20.03的时速闯入男子200m决赛,创造了中国短跑历史,并成为首位进入世锦赛决赛的中国运动员。所有这些荣耀来自他一步一步的奋斗。如果他站在最前面,就会受到质疑。在前进的道路上,他比其他人更加努力。他天生平凡,但仍bet356英国在线体育投注然可以摆脱其他风格。 !

"I haven't run to the fullest yet" I can often hear this sentence after Xie Zhenye has finished the competition. His love for the game is always unimaginable! Strict requirements for himself and strict treatment of the game, in the eyes of his teammates, he deeply embodies the word strict self-discipline. In his childhood, Xie Zhenye suffered a lot, but he never thought of backing down. In a blink of an eye, he has been on the track and field for more than ten years, but he still maintains this passion and persistence. His body is full of infinite possibilities, he does not shrink from challenges, and he is full of confidence in strong enemies, because he makes us believe that there are infinite possibilities in Chinese track and field, and he will definitely be able to carve a strong mark for Chinese track and field!


Some people say that he is a natural sprinter, but no one has seen all the hard work he has put in the back for decades! Every honor is hard-won, and every transcendence has gone through untold hardships. Standing on the field only wins glory for the country and fights only for my dreams. As long as you don’t step back, you will have countless opportunities. Xie Zhenye will move forward. Go ahead, the summit throne is waiting for you!


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