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The Spaniard’s downgrade crisis was actually self-inflicted. If it is really downgraded, we can revert the timeline back to May last year if we review the reasons. At that time, the Spaniard faced Real Sociedad in the final round. Wu Lei keenly caught the opportunity and completely killed the game. The Spaniard returned to the European League.


Suddenly the Spaniard and the Chinese joined forces to celebrate. This is the success of the Spaniard and the success of the Chinese. Wu Lei joined La Liga in his first season and became the common hero of the two peoples with a goal. It is gratifying. .

突然西班牙人和中国人联手庆祝。这是西班牙人的成功,也是中国人的成功。吴磊在他的第一个赛季就加入了西甲队,并成为有目标的两国人民的共同英雄。真是可喜。 。

However, marching into the European war left everyone silent in a peaceful atmosphere. The head coach Ruby took the lead. Real Betis, the local La Liga team, poached Ruby with a high salary.

但是,踏入欧洲战争使所有人在和平的气氛中保持沉默。主教练Ruby率领。西甲当地球队皇家贝蒂斯(Real Betis)用高薪挖走了露比。

Real Betis doesn't care that Ruby is a coach who is good at counterattacks and does not match the team's overall style. As a result, Ruby and Iglesias were dissatisfied and both fell into a quagmire. The Panda, who had to wear the Spanish national team uniform for a time last season, only had 3 goals and 3 assists this season.

皇家贝蒂斯(Real Betis)不在乎Ruby是一名擅长反攻且与球队整体风格不符的教练。结果,Ruby和Iglesias感到不满意,都陷入了泥潭。上个赛季必须穿西班牙国家队制服的熊猫本赛季只有3个进球和3个助攻。

In addition, after Hermoso left the team and joined Atletico Madrid, the Spaniard did not reinforce the defense in time, and the team's reserves were not enough to support this year's third-line battle. Even when the team had a poor record at the beginning of the season, the team was unable to find a suitable central defender in a timely manner, which is really incomprehensible.


If the Spaniards are passive with the departure of the three persons mentioned above, then they have not shown certain ambitions where they can make decisions. Multi-line combat, they only added Caleri and Ferreira on the front line. Fans who have played FM with these two players will not be unfamiliar. They were once big killers on the front line.


But in reality, the development of the two people is not as expected. These two centers do not have the back-to-back ability and the ability to make the ball like the Panda. The Spaniard has only scored 26 goals in the first 31 games of this season, ranking second in La Liga.


Recall that last season, the Spaniard scored 48 goals in 38 games. With 7 rounds left in the league this season, 22 goals have been missed. The number of goals conceded (50) is the same as last year's entire season.


The meritorious coach left, the offensive and defensive core left the team, the Spaniard faced a multi-line battle, the team lineup and bench strength did not rise but declined, La Liga did its best in the Europa League after a poor start. Everything has only one goal. , Look to the money.

有功的教练离开了,进攻和防守的核心离开了球队,西班牙人面临多线战斗,球队的阵容和替补席位实力没有上升但下降了,西甲在开局不佳之后尽了全力。一切都只有一个目标。 ,看钱。

The Spaniards naturally tasted the sweetness of profit last season. As of the end of 2019, the Spaniard's revenue reached 130 million. In addition to nearly 90 million euros in sponsorship and operating income, they received 28 million through player transfers. The net profit of the euro, the entire 2019 team profit reached 20 million euros.


The Spaniard laughed. This is a profit they have not had in most years, but the fans and players cried. If it were not for the deteriorating performance of the league and the team falling into the quagmire of relegation, the team hurriedly bought De Thomas and Embalba, and Cabrera began to save himself, but it was too late.

西班牙人笑了。这是他们多年来未曾获得的利润,但球迷和球员却哭了。如果不是因为联赛的表现恶化以及球队陷入正版365官方网站降级的泥潭,球队就急忙收购De Thomas和Embalba,而Cabrera开始挽救自己,但为时已晚。

The Spaniard is like a broken anchor, sinking deeper and deeper in the abyss of relegation. From Ruby to Gayego, to Machin and Abelardo, now the team’s technical director Rufitte has taken office. Wu Lei and his teammates have experienced five coaches in more than a year, tactics The changes and intermittent changes in the "utilitarian" are also on paper.


When even the relegation expert Abelardo "failed", the Spaniard seemed to have given up resistance. Taking office by the director himself did not seem like preparing for a desperate fight, but like stopping losses in time.


So is Abelardo wrong? Before Abelardo took office, his two predecessors Gayego scored 5 points in 8 rounds, Ma Qin scored 5 points in 10 rounds, and Abelardo scored 14 points in 13 games. Abelado’s record is obvious. Better than his two predecessors, but Abelardo is also a human, and the time left for him is too short, and his high driving and low walking are also related to his own tactical arrangements.

那阿贝拉多错了吗?在Abelardo上任之前,他的两个前任Gayego在8轮中获得5分,马琴在10轮中获得5分,而Abelardo在13场比赛中获得14分。 Abelado的记录是显而易见的。比他的两个前任更好,但亚伯拉多还是人,他的时间太短了,他的高开和低走也与他自己的战术安排有关。

After De Thomas joined, with his 1 goal per game, the Spaniard seemed to see hope, but after De Thomas was injured, Abelardo began to deny himself. De Thomas was placed on the bench after his injury, and Dadre appeared on the wing, Embalba appeared on the right and lost himself. Campsano, who had been out of battle, returned to the starting lineup, with Wu Lei in the frontcourt. It's like a headless fly...

在德托马斯加盟之后,他的场均进球数只有1个,西班牙人似乎看到了希望,但是在德托马斯受伤之后,阿贝拉多开始否认自己。受伤后,德托马斯(De Thomas)被放置在长椅上,而达德(Dadre)出现在机翼上,恩巴(Embalba)出现在右侧并迷路了。阵亡的坎普萨诺回到了首发阵容,吴磊在前场。就像无头苍蝇...

Abelardo’s dismissal has its own reasons, but in fact, the relegation experts have been paying for the Spaniards' turmoil. Not only did he fail to get the team out of the turmoil, but instead followed the team to "sway freely", waiting for him at this time. It must be the end of get out of class.


Rufitt's appointment is already at the end of the battle. The Spaniards did not bring back the unemployed Ruby, and perhaps Ruby is unwilling to visit the Spaniards to spread the muddy waters. It's just that the hope is that the team director will lead the team against the "Real Madrid". I'm afraid the Spaniard's relegation career is at stake.


To sum up, the Spaniard's failure this season, in fact, cannot be blamed on the coaches of Gayego, Machin and Abelardo or a few core players. It’s that the team managers underestimated the difficulties and overestimated the team’s ability. After the season started, they always wanted to use a new mistake to fill in the old mistakes.


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