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If the "post-zero" childhood was playing mobile games, then the popular social channel of the previous generation must be four-wheel drive.


Now think about it, is that toy that you once fell in love with, has it been thrown away? The animation that you and your friends talk about most often, is it also almost forgotten?


Stop for a while, stop the trivial things in your hand, and return to the store that used to be with this article, the track that you and your friends play most often...


"Sprint Meteor", "Cannon Envoy", "Strong Rod Sound Speed", "Cyclone Charge", "Devil Commander", "Triangular Arrow"...

“ Sprint流星”,“ Cannon Envoy”,“ Strong Rod Sound Speed”,“ Cyclone Charge”,“ Devil Commander”,“ Triangular Arrow” ...

In order not to reveal your age, I advise you not to pronounce these words when there are people around. But if you recognize even one of them, there must be a lot of pictures flashing in your mind right now.




At that time, Xiaohao’s tank was a favorite among many children


In that era, thanks to the popularity of the film, the four-wheel drive also became the "social currency" that swept countless generations of 80s and 90s, and was sought after by every child.


"Four-wheel drive kid" is the beginning of the main theme-this is "a man's eternal love"!


"Four-wheel drive kid"


The palm-sized four-wheel drive car combines the design styles of Japanese science fiction and the automobile industry at the time, plus the avant-garde formula racing style... If you want to win the heart of a boy, one glance is enough.


At the end of 1987, Tokuta Hajime was just an ordinary editor of Japan's hottest comic magazine at the time-"Ryuman CORO-CORO". Following his inner preferences, he began to create the "Four Wheels Boy" serial manga. At first, no one thought that when the cartoon adapted from the comics started broadcasting two years later, it quickly caused a sensation throughout East Asia.

1987年底,Tokuta Hajime只是当时日本最热门漫画杂志《 Ryuman CORO-CORO》的普通编辑。按照他的内在喜好,他开始创作“四个轮子的男孩”系列漫画。最初,没人想到当漫画改编的动画片在两年后开始广播时,很快就引起了整个东亚地区的轰动。

In 1991, Hong Kong Jade Terrace officially introduced "Four-wheel-drive Kid", opening the era of domestic four-wheel-drive vehicles.


In fact, if it were not for cartoons, it would be difficult for a four-wheel drive as a toy to have such an impact.


As early as 1984, Bandai (BANDAI), which used Gundam as its flagship product, entered China and established Fuwan, a Sino-Japanese-Hong Kong joint venture in Fujian.


The eye-catching design of Gundam products quickly opened up the domestic market for it, but then it fell into a trademark problem and eventually retreated.


In the early 1990s, domestic copycats became popular. The appearance of the "Audi Double Diamond" filled the gap in the market after the giant left. As its workmanship matures, coupled with attractive prices...make it effortless and convenient Occupy the domestic toy market.


Audi Double Diamond (Part 1) and Tamiya

奥迪Double Diamond(第1部分)和田宫

Although the copyright relationship between Audi Double Diamond and Tamiya is untestable, we have to admit that in that era of extremely underdeveloped information, the huge sales volume was enough to make Double Diamond the top spot in the market.

尽管奥迪Double Diamond与田宫(Tamiya)之间的版权关系是无法检验的,但我们必须承认,在信息极为欠缺的那个时代,巨大的销量足以使Double Diamond成为市场上的头把交椅。

The dramatic scene is that this company located in the "China Toy Capital" also took advantage of the trend to launch a sports marketing offensive.


During the National Day holiday in 1995, Audi Double Diamond and Guangdong TV Station held the first National Four-wheel Drive Competition, which was broadcast on CCTV.


The first national four-wheel drive competition


The following year, the second competition jointly organized by the two parties was upgraded to a national competition. A total of nearly 800,000 students from 24 provinces and cities participated in the three-day finals in Beijing Xicheng District Stadium.


Looking back, in those days, the "toy competition" in the eyes of parents could create such an impact, it was incredible!


Then, the introduction of "Four-wheel-drive Brothers" pushed the era of four-wheel-drive vehicles in China to the top.


After logging into China in 1998, this "sci-fi style" racing animation with more magnificent techniques and more imaginative plot has occupied every boy's after-school life. Its setting of "car moves with the heart, man and car in one" can still be regarded as a sci-fi blockbuster, a bloody black technology bridge.


More importantly, the competition of sports events in the plot also allows the children to find their childhood image projections. Buying a car is not just for fun, but for competition and competition. Therefore, the demand and market for crazy modification have been born.


Of course, all this is also inseparable from the promotion of manufacturers. Both Tamiya and Double Diamond have abundant spare parts, ranging from four-wheel drive chassis, faucet and tail, battery to motor, and even the painting of car shell and forum.

当然,这一切与厂商的推广也是分不开的。田宫(Tamiya)和双钻(Double Diamond)都有大量的备件,从四轮驱动底盘,水龙头和尾巴,电池到电动机,甚至还有汽车外壳和论坛的涂漆。

Perhaps in order to cater to the "animation + toy" marketing method, a four-wheel drive competition that matches the animation plot has gradually blossomed in all regions of the country.


The national competition mentioned above lasted from April to December. Since then, the "Audi Cup" has become a fixed event. It was in Chengdu in 1997, Shanghai in 1998, Xi'an in 1999... and many schools even set up for this purpose. A four-wheel drive team and participate in the annual national competition.


The popularity of four-wheel drive vehicles has brought prosperity to the toy industry. Almost every small shop opposite the school will put a colorful track at the door for everyone to use for free.


On weekends, a slightly larger shopping mall will hold a four-wheel drive competition. It is a good show that everyone must not miss. You are a little late, and you don't even want to see a car.


At that time, no matter how simple a track is, it can attract a bunch of children to stop.


Of course, no one will compete with a plain car, and modification is also the most basic respect for the competition and the opponent. The advancement of technology has made the event more professional, and the "magical reform" has also come to a new stage.


For example, in Tamiya’s official rules, all contestants must use Tamiya’s parts for their four-wheel drive vehicles. Under the condition of constant power, weight reduction and friction reduction have become the focus of competition among all players.


At the same time, in order to adapt to a more complex circuit, the players will focus on improving the stability of the car, which requires a lot of work in the chassis, suspension and car shell, as if every young body is Pretending to be the dream of a future engineer.


The current 4WD modification is very different from before. Source/Playing Car TV


Inadvertently, the four-wheel drive series of animations have been with us for more than 30 years. This long time is enough to turn a ignorant child into an unshaven uncle.


Nowadays, with the growth of a new generation of people, the popularity of four-wheel drive has not been able to continue.


There is no longer a colorful runway at the entrance of the store; the children’s pockets are no longer full of batteries and motors; the two animations mentioned above only remain in the psychology of the previous generation...


We can no longer see such a scene


Yes, in the advancement of the times, technological development has changed the entertainment activities of each generation, but the memories of friends, competitions and competitions brought to us by the four-wheel drive will not disappear anyway.


When you are free, you might as well go and relive the animations you chased in your childhood and the toys that were kept in the shoebox at the bottom of the bed. Behind those vivid stories and memories are the verdant years of our generation.


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