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On the deadline for the transfer window this summer, the five-time champion Bayern Munich signed the free-form Supomotin. The latter converted a total of 7 times throughout his career, but never allowed the new owner to spend a penny on the transfer fee. It is particularly worth mentioning that Shupomoting played for Stoke two years ago and only scored 5 goals throughout the season. However, he was able to switch to Ligue 1 class tyrants in Paris, and this summer he switched to the Champions League defending champion.

在今年夏天的转会窗口截止日期之前,五届冠军拜仁慕尼黑签署了自由形式的Supomotin。后者在整个职业生涯中总共进行了7次转换,但从未允许新所有者在转让费上花费一分钱。特别值得一提的是,舒波莫汀在两年前为斯托克效力,整个赛季仅攻入5球。但是,他能够在巴黎切换到Ligue 1级暴君,今年夏天,他切换到了欧洲冠军联赛的卫冕冠军。

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But in fact, looking at the world football, there are not a few players like Shupomoting who do not plan their career trajectory according to common sense:


Career track: Vilnius, Roz, Sao Paulo odax, bragantino, Coimbra sports, Corinthian, spurs, Guangzhou Evergrande, Barcelona, Guangzhou Evergrande


You might think that Paulinho's tortuous journey from Tottenham to Guangzhou Evergrande to Barcelona is legendary enough to be difficult to replicate. But in fact, his path from grassroots to professional football is equally colorful.


Paulinho, who was born in Sao Paulo, did not show superior talents. Therefore, after joining Sao Paulo Odax, he had to go overseas. After being rented to the Lithuanian team Vilnius, he officially started his career. career. He was then loaned to the Polish team Lodz before finally returning to Brazil. However, he did not get any chance, but was rented out to Bragantino Red Bull.

出生在圣保罗的保利尼奥(Paulinho)没有出众的才能。因此,在加入圣保罗奥达克斯之后,他不得不出国。被租借到立陶宛维尔纽斯队后,他正式开始了他的职业生涯。事业。然后,他被租借给波兰罗兹队,然后最终返回巴西。但是,他没有任何机会,而是被租给了Bragantino Red Bull。

It was not until 2010 that Paulinho was sold to Coimbra Sports for a transfer fee of 640,000 euros. The latter immediately rented him out to Corinthians, and eventually transferred to the Pakistani giants for 5 million euros. In 2013, Tottenham, who sold Bell, aggressively recruited in the transfer market and invested 19.7 million euros for Paulinho. But Paulinho, who came to London, was obviously unaccustomed and his performance became weaker. In the end, he went to Guangzhou Evergrande for 14 million euros two years later.

直到2010年,Paulinho才以64万欧元的转会费卖给了Coimbra Sports。后者立即将他租给了科林斯人,并最终以500万欧元的价格转让给了巴基斯坦巨人。 2013年,出售贝尔的托特纳姆热刺在转会市场积极招募,并为Paulinho投资了1,970万欧元。但是来到伦敦的鲍里尼奥显然不习惯,他的表现也变弱了。最终,两年后,他以1400万欧元的价格去了广州恒大。

He rebuilt his confidence in the Far East, became a superstar in the league, and was selected for the Brazilian national team. This also allowed him to get an invitation from Barcelona and became a qualified rotation player after the transfer.


Career track: Victoria, Kawasaki forward, Consadole Sapporo, Tokyo Green, Porto, Zenit St. Petersburg, Shanghai SIPG


Another Brazilian star who does not take the usual path, although it is hard to imagine, the famous "Hulk" has never played in the five major leagues. The frontcourt generalist started his career in Victoria, Bahia, landed in the Japanese J-League as a young adult and soon made a statement. After several toss and turns in Japan, Porto, who valued Hulk's potential, threw an olive branch.


In the Portuguese Super League, Hulk's performance has become more eye-catching, attracting the favor of many five major league teams. But he eventually chose to join Zenit St. Petersburg, who can provide a higher salary. Despite being in the Russian Super League, he has repeatedly been able to shock the big players in the Champions League group stage. However, he still did not choose to land in the five major leagues. Instead, he chose to go to Shanghai and become the star of upstart SIPG.


Career track: Esbjerg, Toulouse, Middlesbrough, Bordeaux, Leganes, Barcelona


Life is always full of surprises. One year ago, no one would have thought that a previously unknown Danish forward could wear the Barcelona No. 9 shirt and share the glory with Ronaldinho, Ronaldinho, Suarez and Eto'o. Similar to Supomotin, Brethwaite failed to impress people on the cold and rainy night in England.


Even Pulis couldn't make him a qualified performance in the British Championship, and because of this, Mibao chose to rent him to Leganes. After contributing 5 goals and 5 assists in half a season, the Cucumbers bought out the not-prolific forward for 5 million euros. In the last season, due to the successive serious injuries of Dembele and Suarez, Barcelona, ​​who was in desperate medical care, used special terms to activate Brethwaite's 18 million euro termination fee during the non-transfer period. After Suarez was forced to leave the team, he also took over the legendary No. 9 jersey. However, the 29-year-old Denmark international has only scored one goal in the official game for the Red and Blues.

甚至普利斯(Pulis)也无法使他获得英国锦标赛的合格表现,因此,米宝(Mibao)选择将他租给莱加内斯(Leganes)。在半个赛季贡献了5个进球和5次助攻之后,黄瓜队以500万欧元的价格买下了这位不多产的前锋。上个赛季,由于绝望的医疗服务巴塞罗那(Dembele)和苏亚雷斯(Suarez)接连受到重伤,巴塞罗那在绝望的医疗保健中使用特殊条款激活了布雷斯韦特在非转会期间的1800万欧元解约金。苏亚雷斯被迫离开球队后,他还接管了传奇的9号球衣。但是,这位29岁的丹麦国脚在Red and Blues的官方比赛中只打入一球。

Career track: Basel, Bayern, Inter Milan, Stoke City, Liverpool


The Swiss Bantam has played for many giants in his career: Bayern, Inter Milan, Liverpool. His offensive teammates changed from Robben and Ribery to Salah and Mane, and there were partners like Waters and Crouch during the period. The wing fast can still contribute a lot to Klopp's team on the wing. Although he once showed world-class potential, he never really got his own opportunity.




Because his performance in his home country of Poland was not very good, Glick moved to Horadada in Spain's fourth tier in 2006. But his performance got the attention of Real Madrid, and he played for Real Madrid's third team for a season. However, Glick, who failed to fulfill his potential, returned to Poland, and his steady performance allowed him to get an invitation from the Apennines. Since 2010, the career trajectory of the Polish defense veteran has been relatively balanced. However, the move to Monaco was somewhat unexpected. In that coveted youth army, Glick also became the backbone of the defense and spiritual leader, leaving a deep impression on many people. However, due to his advanced age, he has not been favored by giants, and recently moved to Serie A to be promoted to Benevento.


Career track: Spaniard, Barcelona, Dinamo Zagreb, Rb Leipzig


Switching from La Liga to the Croatian League, such a career plan usually belongs to young players with no future. After all, celebrities like Suk, Modric, Kovacic and others all started to La Liga with Dinamo Zagreb as a starting point. But Olmo, who dared to do the opposite, also succeeded. Leaving La Masia youth academy early allowed him to win more first-team playing time than his peers, and his outstanding performance in the European Youth Championship also earned him the attention of many European giants. In the end, he chose RB Leipzig, who could get more playing opportunities.

从西甲转投克罗地亚联赛,这样的职业计划通常属于没有前途的年轻球员。毕竟,苏克(Suk),莫德里奇(Modric),科瓦契奇(Kovacic)等名人都开始以萨格勒布迪纳摩(Dinamo Zagreb)为起点进入西甲。但是敢于相反的奥尔莫也成功了。早早离开拉玛西亚青年学院,他就可以赢得比同龄人更多的一线队比赛时间,而且他在欧洲青年锦标赛中的出色表现也吸引了许多欧洲巨人的注意。最后,他选择了RB Leipzig,他可以获得更多的比赛机会。

Career track: Paris Saint Germain, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Paris Saint Germain, Liverpool, Manchester City, Fenerbahce, Bolton, Chelsea, Shanghai Shenhua, Juve, West Brom, Bombay


Few players have had their careers as full of ups and downs as Anelka. Before entering the Palace of Paris, he had already fought in the Emirates Stadium and Bernabéu. After the successful experience of renting out to Liverpool, he chose to join Manchester City. Before the Mansour era, this transfer was like a superstar signing for Blue Moon fans.

很少有球员像阿内尔卡那样经历过起起伏伏的职业生涯。在进入巴黎皇宫之前,他已经在酋长球场和Bernabéu作战。在成功租用利物浦的经验之后,他选择加入曼城。在曼苏(Mansour)时代之前,这项转帐就像是签约蓝月亮(Blue Moon)粉丝的巨星。

After that, Anelka went to the Turkish Premier League, returned to the top league with Bolton, won the Premier League with Chelsea, went to China for gold, and briefly joined Juventus. After the failure of West Brom, he ended his ups and downs in Mumbai. career.

之后,阿内尔卡(Anelka)前往土耳其超级联赛,与博尔顿(Bolton)返回顶级联赛,与切尔西(Chelsea)赢得英超联赛,前往中国获得金牌,并短暂加入尤文图斯(尤文图斯)。西布朗(West Brom)失败后,他结束了在孟买的起伏。事业。



For an Italian player, it is not common to choose to play abroad. In a tough guy like Gattuso, we sometimes can't even imagine him speaking a bad foreign language and trying to communicate with his teammates. The Glasgow Rangers are usually a stopover point for Premier League players, while Sion is more popular with German players, but Gattuso is so capricious and elusive.




No one commented, but quiet


Cristiano Ronaldo meets milestone in two worlds in a single game

克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)在一场比赛中达到了两个世界的里程碑

Mbappe 1V2 zero-degree angle demon star presents super long elevator ball


Aubameyang World Wave, Su Chao reproduces Messi's rainbow ball

Aubameyang World Wave,苏超再现了梅西的彩虹球

Not remembering Kobe in social media makes me questionable, he understands my love


He Xining: Jeremy Lin's CBA Lore King coming out of training camp


Guo Shiqiang: younger martial brother and Alan Guo can coexist


Dybala shines in national Derby, Juventus returns to top


Ronaldo wore a cap for the first time to help Inter Milan beat Naples away


Inter Milan's victory continues to lead Milan's 5 goals


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